Monday, June 29, 2009


To me true style is effortless, simple. It transcends momentary trends. It is timeless. Stylish women like Audrey Hepburn tend to have their own unique, signature style that suits their body type. In Audrey's case it was the chic little black dresses and a beatnik style with capri pants and black turtleneck sweaters. Simple and effortless yet till today we have women like Victoria Beckham emulating it. According to Nina Garcia, fashion editor of American Elle, a truly stylish woman will have the basics, a classic white shirt, some well fitting jeans, a pair of black pants, a little black dress, a turtleneck, a trench coat, some ballet flats, a classic pair of black pumps, pieces that she can add to and embellish, as well as the trendy stuff. This is a wardrobe you could have had in 1939, 1969, 1989 or in 2009.

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