Thursday, June 18, 2009

More pics...

I'm going to start posting more pictures of things I've made, and when we make some new pieces, things I have for sale. I just need to find the pictures first. My mum who lives in London is setting up my PayPal account as we speak cos I'm not good at doing those type of things. To all those wonderful, blessed people who've been trying to order from abroad, kindly bear with me. I know it's not very professional but I'm doing this all alone. I don't even have an assistant. I'm trying to get production moving smoothly. I've got some photoshoots planned but tend to find them very draining cos I have to do everything by myself, location, makeup, styling, sometimes even the modeling and photography too! I've found this amazing girl now to be the other face of the House of Makeda. So i'm gonna do a new collection and a brochure I hope. I was a UK size 6-8 six months ago, now I'm a size 8-10 (with a size 6 waist, just perfect for me with my Sophia Loren aspirations) and can't fit into any of the samples anymore and she's the same size, so neither can she!

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