Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back to Nature

I want to go back to nature. Back to simplicity. From the food I eat to what I put on my skin and hair.This world is getting too chemicalised for me. I'm a natural girl in a chemical world. I love organic or natural skincare brands such as Jurlique, Ren, Weleda, Dr Haushka and Jason's. I like using Dr Bronner's organic rose castile soap on my hair. Even our African black soap containing shea butter, lemon juice, honey and aloe vera is a better option than Dove. All natural mineral makeup is the next thing I'm going to explore.

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The Mistress said...

you gotta check out LUSH cosmetics...all natural. smells so good . Expensive but it is a necessary luxury. $24.00 for a bar of Soap...I do it anyway.I like to feel good:)