Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Some opening pics........

It was a small, cute and satisfying opening, not too overwhelming! Thanks to all who came!xx


Sugabelly said...

Can I just say something? And I swear I am NOT saying this to be mean.

Your use of space is terrible. When designing a floor space for a boutique you want to create a path for the customer to walk that flows fluidly in, out, and around the clothing racks and display cases.

What you've done here is made a huge overwhelming space that makes your shop look empty and subconsciously makes the customer feel there's nothing or little in the store. You should bring your racks to the center and arrange them in a complementary manner rather than putting them against or near the wall. Putting things in line with or against the wall is one of the WORST design mistakes so many people make.

Unless it is something that actually needs to be against the wall (e.g. a cabinet) don't.

Go look at photos of other successful boutique floor layouts and draw inspiration and insight from them.

I'm just saying, because from your blog it looks like your clothes and things are at least half decent (unlike the legions of other Nigerian "designers" out there) so it's a shame to lose points on a really bad layout.

Best of luck with it.


Teni said...

Hey Sugabelly. In your opinion, my use if space is terrible. Not everyone is seeking to design a cramped store with racks everywhere. Our aesthetic is minimalist, the flow of the store is beautiful and the design is open plan because it's a 2600 ft multi purpose space. I don't use display cabinets of any form. See the stores of designers ranging from Jil Sander to Alexander McQueen and many others. Believe me darling, I did my research!